PREYON Brown Blitz Claw

meet the brown switches

PREYON Brown Blitz Claw is a compact mechanical keyboard for gamers that offers everything necessary to win victories on the virtual battlefield. High-quality materials that were used to make it guarantee many years of trouble-free operation even during more intensive use. In turn, its small dimensions mean that even a small desk can become a large enough arena for virtual struggles.

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Gateron Brown switches

The PREYON Brown Blitz Claw keyboard is equipped with the Gateron Brown switches developed with gamers in mind. They are characterised by fast operation and light pressing with no perceptible actuation point. In addition, they have a lifespan of 50 million clicks!

TKL for greater convenience

The PREYON Brown Blitz Claw features no number pad to take up as little space as possible on your desk. As a result, all buttons are within easy reach and nothing restricts even very sweeping mouse movements.

Pudding keycaps included

The PREYON Brown Blitz Claw keyboard comes with two sets of keys. Pudding keycaps are fitted here as standard, and can be freely exchanged for standard impervious keycaps. With a translucent milky bottom and black top, the pudding keycaps allow maximum use of the RGB backlighting. In addition, the caps are made of PBT material, which is characterised by high abrasion resistance. Thanks to the possibility of replacing them freely, we can give the keyboard a completely unique character, tailored to our preferences.

Aluminium casing

The casing is made of aluminium alloy, which guarantees very high durability and a great appearance. The PREYON Brown Blitz Claw weighs only 600 grams, but its stability on the desk is guaranteed by the feet at the bottom. This keyboard will not let you down even during the most demanding hunt.

Full anti-ghosting

A modern gaming keyboard simply has to work flawlessly even during the most demanding virtual tournaments. That's why the PREYON Brown Blitz Claw is equipped with full anti-ghosting, i.e. protection against registering additional key clicks that are not physically pressed. The computer only reads the signals you actually send it.

Height adjustment

PREYON Brown Blitz Claw responds to the various needs of players. Folding legs are a great solution for people who don't quite like the flat arrangement of the keyboard. Thanks to them, you can conveniently profile the angle of inclination of the equipment to increase the pleasure of the game as much as possible. After all, comfort during the game is one of the important aspects that contributes to victory!

As a piece of hardware designed for gamers, the PREYON Brown Blitz Claw obviously has RGB backlighting. This allows you to give your keyboard an even more unique look by adjusting the backlighting to one of over 16 million colours! The illumination improves the gaming comfort after dusk and gives a striking appearance during the day.

The PREYON Brown Blitz Claw keyboard comes with several predefined RGB LED lighting effects. More demanding users can take advantage of additional after installing the accompanying software on the computer. Regardless of whether you choose a spectacular color presentation, a modest, single-color backlight, or give up the backlight for longer battery life, all the possibilities of the keyboard are at your disposal.



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Przejdź na ciemną stronę i posiądź moc, która niweluje wszelkie nierówności. Stań po stronie prawdziwego łowcy, drapieżnika, który nigdy nie odpuszcza i zawsze dopada swoją ofiarę. Wraz z nim zaznacz swoją dominację, wykorzystaj przewagę i podkreśl, że inni łowcy powinni czuć przed Tobą respekt. Na szczycie łańcucha pokarmowego nie ma miejsca na sentymenty – szybkość, odwaga, agresja PREYON zapewnią Ci to miejsce i podkreślą, że inni mają do czynienia z wytrawnym łowcą. Czujesz zew dzikiego serca? To mroczna strona, która wzywa Cię do podjęcia walki. Jest łowca i jest zwierzyna. Ułamki sekund. Szybki atak. Wygrana. W świecie gamingu ułamki sekund potrafią zadecydować o wygranej lub przegranej. Stań po właściwej stronie i zwiększ swoje szanse na sukces z odpowiednimi akcesoriami – Preyon to gwarancja udanych łowów.

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